history of success

CONSPEC CONSOLIDATED LIMITED was incorporated in Nigeria on the 19th April, 2001 to carry out among other business activities in the area of;

  1. Building Construction
  2. Civil Engineering Works
  3. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering works
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Solid Mineral Exploration (Metallic and Non-Metallic)
  6. Borehole Drilling and Water Projects
  7. Consultancy
  9. CONSPEC Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T)
  10. Construction Material and Labour Depot
  11. Project Management

and a registered member of Real Estate Developer Association of Nigeria (REDAN) amongst other association

Our success and reputation are built on the consistent delivery of quality, speed, efficiency and overall client satisfaction.

We have expanded our operational and service offering to cater to a wide spectrum of construction needs in both the public and private sectors. Our portfolio of work comprises successful projects in the residential, commercial and industrial spaces, working with clients across all sectors.


Our Vision:

Our vision has been the same since the beginning: to be a dynamic construction company with a passionate commitment to deliver value-added and innovative solutions to our clients’ construction needs. We remain focused on building long lasting relationships by consistently delivering a world-class performance.


Our Core Values:

Quality: We always adhere to principles of best practice and service excellence. In so doing, we have built a name for ourselves that has undoubtedly become a by-word for quality.

Integrity: We remain true to our founding values of honesty and integrity and these tenets have been instrumental in our growth and success. High ethical standards and a professional culture characterise all our activities and our clients have come to expect nothing less.

Flexibility: We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients’ needs. The flexibility of our approach means that we are able to quickly adapt to changing situations and can maintain our high level of service quality at all times. We offer our clients the accessibility and flexibility of a small company with the expertise and resources of a much larger company.

Commitment: We believe that the best results are achieved by the early and committed collaboration of all project-stakeholders from the design and construction process through to the entire performance life-cycle of the structure.









Our Team

Our Clients